Wheatgrass Juicer

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Wheatgrass Juice is making from wheatgrass. This juice contains complete protein and is suitable for the people who are gluten-free because during sprouting, gluten, the protein element in the grain changes to amino acids. Our body prefers to digesting (breaking down) solid grains or fibers so that they can break protein into amino acids. After that, the required proteins are reconstituted by our bodies. In this case, wheatgrass juice provides proteins to help the cell regeneration and is famous for its healing properties.

Wheatgrass Juice is extracted from wheatgrass through the wheatgrass juicer. However, not every juicer can be used for juicing wheatgrass. For a normal juicer, it tears/grates/bites the vegetable fibers to release the juice. But for the wheatgrass juicer, the wheatgrass fibers are squeezed and pressed by it. Even though it works more slowly than normal centrifugal fruit or vegetable juicers, it can make sure that juice is extracted from the tough fibers inside wheatgrass. Besides, less heat and less oxidation of valuable nutrients will be caused under this slow speed.

There are two kinds of wheatgrass juicers: the manual and the electric. When feeding the wheatgrass through the manual juicer, you need to turn the handle by yourself. The advantage of manual juicers is that it is easy to re-feed the pulp back through the juicer to extract the maximum amount of juice. Compared with manual juicer, the electric juicer could save energy greatly. But it spends more money than manual juicer.

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