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Suma Root Powder

As the Brazilian ginseng, Suma originally grows in Brazil, especially the rainforests in Amazon area.

The root of the vine can be used for medicinal purposes. The native Brazilians have been using Suma root for centuries as a tonic, aphrodisiac, and as a remedy for diabetes, ulcers, and general wound healing. The muscle building and the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome both need the taking Suma products recently. As an adaptogen, Suma Root can help to promote endurance and increase vitality throughout its overall physiological effects. Whether Suma or Ginseng, these adaptogens can all help our body achieves balance, which leads to the increase of resistance to stress.

There are three important active ingredients in Suma, which was discovered by scientists: pfaffic acid, phytosterols (mainly beta-ecdysone), and pfaffosides (saponins). Beta-ecdysone is a plant phytosteroid hormone and can enhance protein biosynthesis and other anabolic (rebuilding) activities in animals. Besides, in the human studies, analgesic and anti-diabetic activities have been shown by beta-Ecdysone. The germanium, allantoin, and various vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are found in it based on researches.

The use of Suma can help increase endurance, stress resistance, enhance immune function, accelerate wound and fracture healing, decrease cholesterol levels and increase synthesis of protein. These are proved by traditional usage and modern scientific studies.

Dosage: 2-6 grms of powder per day

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