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Raw Wild Organic Purple Corn FLour

Purple corn comes from the low Andean valleys region, which is locally called "maiz morado". It is very common plant in Peru. In coastal areas, and also in areas with high altitude (up to 10,000 feet), we can find the purple corn. The old species called "Kculli", which has at least 2,500 years history based on Archeological research, is the source of any other types of purple corn. The purple corn flour can be used to make a refreshing drink called "chicha morada" by Peruvian people.

Owning to its phenolic content, purple corn is known as a nutritious powerhouse nowadays. There are great deal of phenolics and anthocyanins in this corn. These components are the most exciting natural nutritional group but our modern diets always lack these ingredients. There are bioactive and functional properties for Phenolic content. Crops are shown by the research that they can have higher antioxidant activity if they have higher total phenolic and anthocyanin content.The complex flavonoid Anthocyaninin is blue, purple or red. Cianidin-3-b-glucosa is a main colorant in purple corn. Purple corn can promote healthy lives. Compared with blueberries, it has more antioxidants and anti-radical kinetics and higher or similar anthocyanin and phenolic contents. It could stabilize and prevent capillaries from the damage of oxidation. Besides, connective tissue regeneration can be encouraged, blood flow can be promoted and cholesterol can be reduced. There are other functions for purple corns: promoting collagen formation, improving microcirculation and helping prevent blood vessels from damage of oxidation.

Eating this food along with polyphenolic compounds can reduce risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Besides, it can also prevent obesity, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.

By drying and milling the purple corn kernels, we get our raw wild and pesticide free purple corn flour. When you use wheat or other flours, you can add purple corn four and also it can also be used to make raw chocolates and breads etc.

Storage: remember to store them in a cool and dry place and avoid excessive exposure to heat, moisture and sunlight.

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