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Methyl-sulphyl-methane (MSM) can be found in many kinds of food and can be used to make important enzymes, antibodies, glutathione and connective tissues in our body.

As a sulphur supplement, it is an organic sulphur compound (a metabolite of dimethyl sulphoxide), and can produce the dietary sulphur, which is an important elements for amino acid, protein synthesis, and in the formation of connective tissue. The formation of keratin, production of immunoglobulin as part of the immune system, and catalysing the metabolic reactions which can change food into energy in our body all need sulphur.

MSM is an important element in the formation of keratin, collagen and elastin. It gives flexibility, tone and strength to our muscles, bones, joints, internal membranes, skin, hair and nails.

The recommended amount of MSM is 500mg each time and twice a day for the beginners. Putting it into your fruit juice can make the juice a better taste. Gradually, the amount can be added to 1000mg each time, twice a day. Remember to drink more water when taking MSM.

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