Raw Organic Hemp Seeds

As the common name for Cannabis, Hemp, usually refers to industrial hemps. Hemp can grow almost everywhere in this world. Hemp is organic by nature because it doesn't need any fertilizer, chemicals, and pesticide when it grows. Human beings have been consuming hemp and hemp seeds for a long time. The hemp fiber imprints was found by scientists in the pottery of Stone Age. The hemp fiber was used long time ago to make clothes, shoes and ropes etc. Besides, it can also be used to make cordage, clothing, and healthy food. There are great deal of omega fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals in Hemp seeds.

Thus, they are regarded as very healthy food. The oil accounts for 35% of hempseeds content. The fatty acid (EFAs) in hemp seed oil is 80%, the linoleic acid (LA) is 50-70%, the alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) is 15-25%, and Gamma-Linoleic_acid (GLA) is 1-6%. The balance of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid in hempseed oil can help us to get EFAs well. Whether the complete protein or the essential oil contained in hemp seeds, are both in perfect ratio for human nutrition. 65% of its protein content is in the form of globulin edestin, which can ensure it could be used by the body when it is in the raw state. In the contrast, we have to cook or sprout soya beans before we eat them. Apart from the benefits of hemp seed oil on the skin and the hair, it is also good for a cellular level. Hemp oil can be easily absorbed by the skin and as a result, EFA can go straight to work!

This food is a good choice for people with low essential fatty acid intake and also good for athletes. Hemp seeds are the only seeds that can be eaten, which contains amma-linolenic acid (GLA). There is great deal of protein in Hemp seeds. Compared with the soya bean, it tastes better and is easier to digest.

Hempseeds can be eaten as they are. Besides, they can also be ground into a meal, made into milk, prepared as tea, or used in baking. Adding them into smoothies is one of the most popular ways of consuming it. We can also put a handful of organic hemp seed (whole or de-hulled) into a blender with fruit and juice of our choice. The roasted hemp seeds are even sold in Chinese cinemas. The fresh leaves can be mixed into the salads. From cereals to frozen waffles, hemp tofu to nut butters, are all the products. Hempseeds are even processed to get more valued hempseeds product, such as seed oils, whole hemp grain, hulled hemp seed, hemp flour, hemp cake and hemp protein powder. Hemp can also be used in some organic cereals and Hempseed can be used to make non-dairy "milk".

Hempseed oil can be consumed in our daily life, which cannot result in the imbalance of EFAs. Hemp seeds could go off quickly owing to its content of the unsaturated fat. Thus, it is better to put it in dark colored bottles or add preservatives to it. Besides, do NOT to fry hempseed oil because unsaturated fat can be a problem at high temperature. The cold-pressed hempseed oil is more Nutritious than olive oil. As a result, we can add hempseed oil into our salads, smoothies, and other non-frying uses. Remember that cooking any oil could reduce its nutritional value and may lead to the change from beneficial fatty acids to less benign substances.

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