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As part of Linum in the family Linaceae, Flax is grown for the purpose of flax seed and flax fibers. Human beings have consumed Flax Seed for a long time. Many parts of these plants can be used in the production of fabric, dye, paper, medicines, fishing nets and soap. Because flax is one of the few plant species which can produce truly blue flowers, it can be grown in the garden as ornamental plant. Flax seed sprouts taste slightly spicy.

As linseed, Flaxseed is first consumed thousand years ago. There is great deal of Omega 3 which has super polyunsaturated Essential Fatty Acid in Flax seed. The content of Omega 3 contains many benefits in our daily life. These oils can renew cells balancing hormones, repair muscles and tissue and many other essential processes in the body. Our body cannot synthesis Omega 3 with other foods not containing Omega 3. Thus, it can only be indigested directly as it is in food. If there is less or no Omega 3 and EFA in our body, the problems of dry flaky skin, weight increasing, poor concentration or attention deficiency, lack of energy, continually getting colds, Arthritic type pain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level could appear.

161 men who recently diagnosed with prostate problems are recruited by the research team at Duke University School of Nursing in Durham. They were divided into four groups. One group ate three tablespoons of flaxseed with a low-fat diet each day (by mixing it with yogurt or water). The second group was asked to have a low-fat diet. The third group can only eat flaxseed. There is no change for the last group. It is shown by that research that eating flaxseed is good for improving the prostate problems. The people with diabetes can eat Flaxseed as food.

One tablespoon of ground (milled) flaxseed combined three tablespoons of water equals to one egg in baking with the other ingredients together. According to its flavor, ground flaxseeds can also be added in oatmeal, yogurt, water (similar to Metamucil), or any other food item. Flax fibre is one of the oldest fibers in the world. The linen were produced by flax 5000 years ago. Pictures of flowering flax plants are found on tombs and temple walls at Thebes. In Neolithic times, flax fibre is used in the manufacturing of cloth. Puritans introduced this plant to North America. Linseed oil or flaxseeds for human nutrition is the purpose of growing most flax in the USA and Canada.

Extracted from the bast or skin of the stem of flax plant, Flax fibre is soft, lustrous and flexible. However, it is less elastic than cotton fibre even though it is stronger. Linen fabrics such as damasks, lace and sheeting also use the flax fibre of best grades. Coarser grades are used to make twine and rope. Flax fibre can also be used in the production of high-quality paper and printed banknotes as raw materials.

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