Camu Camu

The small bushy tree, Camu Camu, grows in the Amazon Rainforest vegetation of Peru and Brazil. Like fruit, this tree produces a red or purple cherry. There are waxy white petals for the flowers, which smell sweet. It is the close relative of the Jaboticaba and the Guavaberry or Rumberry, with bushy feathery foliage.

This plant is not afraid of flooding and could produce fruit 4 to 6 years later. We can get one harvest each year. At the end of the dry season, it begins to flower, whereas, it begins to produce fruit at the peak of the rainy season. It is not difficult to grow this plant. The hot, damp tropical climates are the best living environments but it usually grows in the subtropics. A large amount of water is needed in this process.

The fruits of Camu Camu can be eaten. There is high amont of Vitamin C in it, which occupies 2-3% of fresh weight. Thus, it is good for stoping and curing the flu and colds. It was shown that camu camu flesh had high antioxidant, which can prevent the radical DPPH, surpassing that of ascorbic acid and trolox. Besides, because its antioxidant, camu camu has a good influence on anti-aging and also helps to strengthen the immune system.

The smell and the colour of camu camu is special and unique. The juices extracted from camu camu have unique pink color based on the reddish pigment in the leathery skin. The aroma is subtle. Camu camu can be used to make ice creams, sweets and so on.

The fruit pulp can be made powder. The loose powder or capsule form has been sold in west as one kind of healthy food. Except for the high amount of vitamin C, there are also the amino acids valine, leucine and serine, and flavonoids in this powder.

Our camu camu powder is certified organic by UK Soil Association.

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