Raw Organic Vegan AgaveNectar

Agave plant belongs to Agavaceae family but not cacatus family although its appearance is more like cactus. This juicy plants are mostly grown in Mexico. In some parts of USA, central and South America, you can find them occasionally.

The species of Agave plants are different. For example, there are Agave americana, Agave chiapensis, and Agave deserti and so on. The most common species is Agave americana. The stems of Agave plants are short but strong. The thick and fleshy leaves have sharp endpoints and spiny margins. Many Agave species can be used as decorations. Each rosette can flower and bear fruit only once. When it is flowering, the stem grows from the center of the leaf rosette and produces many of flowers. The original plant dies after they bear the fruits. However, the suckers which are born from the base of the stem have become the new plants.

There are four parts of Agave plants can be eaten: the flowers, the leaves, the stalks or basal rosettes, and the sap (called aguamiel honey water). Several pounds of edible flowers can be produced by every Agave plant in summer. We can collect the leaves in winter or spring because the plants have rich sap at that time to eat.

If you don't want to add sugar when cooking, AgaveNectar is an excellant choice because it will not increase the sugar level of our blood.

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