Freeze Dried Acai Powder from Brazilian Amazon

Acai Berry ranks very high in the list of healthy food. Thus, people in the Amazon rainforest are lucky because they can easily get and take acai berries. As long as you can climb up the Acai tree, you can pick and enjoy them. Many people who are not living in that area are disappointed because they can hardly find acai berries in the local fruit stores. There are a few reasons to that phenomenon:

In the nutritional makeup of Acai Berries, there are up to 50% fat in them. Due to this reason, acai berries could get rancid rapidly and are easy to deplete once they are picked for a few days. Thus, it is hard to ship acai berries for a long time or a long journey. For that reason, fruit processors flash freeze Acai Pulp right now once the Acai Berries are picked so that the acai pulp can be sent to a long distance. However, it is not easy to keep the acai pulp always frozen before they are sold to customers. Thus, in order to solve this problem, people find another way to ship acai berries. The fruit manufacturers invent new methods of shipping and storing acai berries: The AcaiPulp should be taken out from Acai Berries and the seeds should not be used. After that, frozen and dried AcaiPulp quikly and then, the Acai Pulp is ground into Acai powder. The freeze dried Acai powder just comes from this process.

In reality, the nutritious benefits of fresh Acai Berries are all in the Acai Powder, because it contains the same healthy properties as fresh Acai Berreis. In the process of freezing and drying, manufacters only take the water off from fresh acai berries. The rest nutrients compositions are left and become more concentrated than before.

Besides, the acai powder is also easy to consume. It can be added in any hot or cold drinks, such as smoothie and steamed milk, as nutrients. Whats more, the acai powder can also be taken along with oatmeal, pancakes, soup and bread as well. It can even made into capsules so that people can take it anytime anywhere.

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