Acai Berries, Acai Pulp, and Freeze Dried AcaiPowder

Acai Palm grows in the the middle of tropics and South America, from Belize south to Brazil and Peru. The floodplains and swamps are the best growing environments. The tall, slim and distinctive palms with their 3-meter-long pinnate leaves are 50 meters high. The fructs of acai (acai berries) are small, round and black-purple. They can grow up to 1 inch diameter big. The size and appearance of acai berries are similar with grape, while grape has more pulp than acai berries. The branched panicles can produce acai berries two times every year. The harvest is from 700 to 900. There is only one big seed in each acai berry which is about 7 to 10 mm diameter big. Based on the type of acai and its ripeness, the mature fruits of acai berry are deep purple or green. The pulpous and thin mesocarp is 1mm or less thick. However, the endocarp is big and hard. There is a seed with a small embryo and massive endosperm in the endocarp, which is surrounded by mesocarp. About 80% of the fruits come from the seeds.

We can eat the Acai berries because they have the component of food (up to 42% of total food intake by weight); In the Amazon area of Brazil, the Acai palms are also important plants. The various juice blends, smoothies, sodas, and other drinks all contain the juice and pulp of acai berries. The cuias with tapioca and sometimes sugar are commonly taken along with acai in northern Brazil. Whereas, people in southern Brazil more like eating cold acai as acai na tigela. In a word, the frozen, dried, or freeze-dried raw material of juice or acai pulps can only appear in the quick growing area because the acai get deteriorated after they are picked.

What is more, compared with other food, acai berries have more antioxidant because they have much anthocyanins. It is found that acai contains five times more antioxidants than blueberry. The acai beverages are become more and more popular in the health-foods stores.

The acai berries can be taken in different ways. In Brazil, people drink acai as sweet juices, which are combined with other similar fruits, such as banana, raspberry and etc. In America, compared with acai berris, people prefer to add cocoa and chocolate, even at 70% cacao, to the sweetened juice.

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