Raw Organic Cacao Nibs 2 kg

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2kg Raw Organic Cacao Nibs.

Organic Certification: GB-ORG-04 UK Organic Food Federations

Our cacao nibs are of Creole variety, and from Peru. Creole variety is called "The Queen of Cacao" as it produces the highest grade beans. Creole cacao is an ancient variety, non-hybrid, produces "fine and flavor" beans, are the scarcest, most expensive and the most highly regarded for their complex flavour and aroma. Only a fraction of world cocoa production comes from Creole trees, as they are delicate, low producers and susceptible to certain disease.

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To get desired health enhancement it is recommended to consume 28 g/1 oz (approximately 2 tbsp.) of Cacao nibs per day. Our Cacao nibs are easy to eat on their own or blended with smoothies, shakes, coffee and tea Try the nibs with ice cream and desserts.

Nutritional Information: Per 100g: Energy 2417kj/577kcal, protein 9.6g, carbohydrate 22.47g, fats 48.15g.

Despatch: usually within 24 hours

It is free from of GMO.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans

Allergy Advice: It is packed in a room where soy protein, tree nuts, & sesame seeds are also packaged. So, it might contain traces of these 3 allergens.

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