Are goji berries from Tibet or Himalaya?

Well there are so many retailers of goji berries market their products as Tibetan goji berries. Although we believe this is very misleading, we don't have concrete evidence to rule out this possibility. But our goji berries are NOT from Tibet or Himalaya.

What we are saying is that there is no commerical growth of goji berries in Tibet, but we are not saying there is no presence of goji berries. We believe the reasons some retailers market their goji berries as from Tibet is because usually fruit from high altitude area carries more polysaccharides and more antioxidants. In addition, there is much less polution in Tibet by comparison with many other areas in the world.

As matter of fact none of the companies marketing such berries specifies an exact location in the Himalayas or Tibet where their berries are supposed to be grown, what is more, even the first nutrionist who promotes goji berries in the USA agrees that his "Himalayan" Goji products do not actually come from the Himalayas, but instead from Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and the Tian Shan Mountains of western Xinjiang, China.

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