Are goji berries Medicine?

Good question. The answers is NO and Yes!

From the viewpoint of Western Medicine, NO, goji berries CAN NOT be classified as medicine. They are fruit and healthy food, containing many nutrients. That is it. On the other hand, a medicine has to be approved by FDA etc. So if somebody ask us to provide MEDICAL information about goji berries, we are unable to do so as it is not medicine.

However, from the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the answer is YES. The theory of Western medicine is based on anatomy, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, neuro-science, and molecular-biology etc etc. As opposed to Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Yin, Yang and Qi, and it is a totally different theory. In TCM, goji berries can enhance YIN, and can improve kindney and liver strength. That is why goji berries are medicine within the scope of Chinese medicine

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