Information about Goji Juice

Goji Juice is made from ripe fresh goji berries, i.e. not from dry berries. First of all manufacturers will select the berries, clean it, and then get the pulp of the berries. Then the pulp is cold pressed, and the juice is obtained. Naturally goji juice is in red colour. Such colour mainly comes from the goji content: carotenoid, flavonoid and polyphenol content, which are also the major source of goji's nutritional values. Carotenoid is a stable substance, however, if exposed to light for long time, it can be oxidized. By comparison, flavonoid and polyphenol can easily get oxidized during processing and storage of goji juice. Therefore the freshly obtained goji juice must go through the anti-oxidization processing, and colour protection processing. Of course it will be pasterized to kill bacteria. If need condensed goji juice, the original goji juice can be depressurized using vaccum technology.

Very often goji juice is blended with other fruit juices such as blueberry juice, Pomegranate guice, and orange juice etc to make it a better taste.

Goji Juice is supplied from various sources. Some processors in China make pure and condensed goji juice and export it to USA and Europe. Then manufactors in Europe and USA can further process it by blending it with other juice. On the other hand some US companies simply import goji berries and directly make juice in US.

Goji Juice was used in ancient recipes by the Chinese people as a nice-tasting blend that provided many natural benefits. The juice is enriched with naturally occurring Minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Germanium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Copper and Iron as well as many Amino Acids including Isoleucine and Tryptophan. It is also a natural source of Antioxidant Vitamin.

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