Goji Seeds

In addition to the popularity of goji berries fruit, goji seeds are also becoming popular in Europe and America. Many people like growing goji berries by themselves, so they buy goji seeds, and sow it in their own gardens. There are already companies selling goij seeds in the Internet.

Goji seeds are usually obtained in the following way: Select good dried goji berries, then dip them into clean water for 1-2 days. Then take off the peel and pulp, and put what is left into clean water. What needs to do next is to dry the seeds in a shade with good ventilation. Then we get the goji seeds. In fact there are some ways to extract goji seeds, for example by moistening goji berries between dampened paper towels for a few hours, then slicing them open and carefully removing the seeds. We haven't tried this way yet.

Seeds should be planted in loose, well draining soil and kept moist and in shade or indirect sunlight at all times. Please refer to our "growing goji" page for more information

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