Goji Honey

Well, everybody knows what honey is, but have you heard about goji honey? By its name you can imagine that goji honey is made by the bees who collect nectar from the goji berries flower. That is true. If we have honey from other type of flower, why not honey from goji flowers?

Honey is a sweet and viscous liquid made by honey bees using nectar of flowers. Expert can determine floral sources of honey by examining pollens and spores in raw honey. Honey is laid down by bees as a food source. In cold weather or when food sources are scarce, bees use their stored honey as their source of energy. Honey is a mixture of sugars and other compounds.

In terms of carbohydrates, honey mainly contains fructose (about 38.5%) and glucose (about 31.0%). Honey's remaining carbohydrates include maltose, sucrose, and other complex carbohydrates. In terms of vitamins and minerlas, honey is mostly sugars and is not a significant source of vitamins or minerals. Honey also contains tiny amounts of several compounds thought to function as antioxidants, including chrysin, pinobanksin, vitamin C, catalase, and pinocembrin.

As you can see from our home page, goji plants have nice purple trumpet shaped flowers in the summer. These flowers are the source where goji honey is originally from. There are quite some bee keepers in north-western China, which are the primary source of goji honey. They supply goji honey throughout China and the world.

Like all other types of honey, goji honey tastes very nice. So they can be used for cooking such as baking muffins and cakes (as we introduced in the goji recipes page), and for making teas etc. However, there are more benefits than just used for cooking purpose. According to Chinese medicine, honey is good for our lungs, which helps explain why honey is probably the best thing to treat coughing by comparison with some soothing liquid you buy over the counter. What it is more honey is good for people who have constipation. So Goji honey not only has all the above benefits, but is also called as "king of honey" as it naturally inherits a lot of benefits of goji berries, such as the benefits to our kidneys, livers and eyes (according to Chinese Medicine). Most importantly they are also helpful for people with insomnia.

Enjoy the goji honey!

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