Food Standards Agency and Goji Berries

In the European Union, if a food was not consumed in a large amount in EU before 1997, it will be classified as novel food. Nowadays, there are strict requirements of novel foods regulations in Eurppean Community. According to the European law, if a food is classified as novel foods, they are not allowed to be marketed in the EU. Following are the three criteria for novel foods: they must be safe, their labelling must be clear and meaningful and their nutritional quality must be superior to other similar foods that they could replace.

Goji berries are such type of food that Food Standards Agency doubted whether they were novel foods or not. In early 2007, retailers of goji berries were asked to provide evidence to show that goji berries had been abundantly consumed in European Community before May 1997. Goji berries would not be allowed to appear in European Community market if their retailers could not definitely prove it.

Many organizations and retailers actively responded that requirement and supplied lots of evidence. After Food Standards Agency carefully reviewed responses, they concluded that Goji berries can be sold again because the evidence indicated that goji berries were sold substantially in the UK before May 1997. So European people can consume Goji berries safely.

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