Goji Berry Capsules

Like many other healthy food, goji products also include capsules. But do you know what inside the goji berry capsules? In fact there are two types of goji berry capsules: one is the capsule containing powdered goji berries; whereas the other one contains oil of goji seeds. These two types of capsules are introduced.

The most commonly marketed goji berry capsules are the capsules containing powdered goji berries. Unlike juices, these capsules are not full of sugar, and have a long shelf life and you can take them anywhere. Each capsule contains the equivalent of 500mg powdered goji berries. Usually the capsule are manufactured using "vegetarian" material, so they are appropriate for the consumptions of vegetarians and vegans.

Another type of goji berry capsules contain goji berry oil. Please note such oil doesn't come from goji berries, but come from the goji seeds. Such oil is obtained using the super-critical CO2 extraction technology. This modern technology allows the extraction to take place under normal room temperature and non-oxygen environment to avoid oxidization of nutrients, and can remove the pesticide residuals, if any. Goji seed oil contains linoleic acid (68.3%), oleic acid (19.1%), linolenic acid (3.1%), Vitamin E (27mg/100g), phosphatide (0.25%), and beta-carotene (170 mg/100g). It also contains many trace elements, and SOD. 

Enjoy goji berry capsules!

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