Goji Wine

Well, everybody knows what wine is, but have you heard about goji wine? yes, there is goji wine in the world. In fact there are two types of goji wine, and they are introduced in this article.

First one is to dip 50-100 grams of dried goji berries into one bottle of spirit (usually 30%~40% alcohol content) and leave it for a few months time. Then such spirit will become red-coloured spirit. This type of goji wine is quite popular in China as many Chinese middle-aged or old men drink such wine to treat back pain or leg pain, and it is very effective.

Another type of goji wine is directly made from goji berries, like using grape to make wine. The manufacturer first select fresh goji berries, and clean it. During the processing stage, goji berries will be fermented. It is worthwhile to mention that some manufacturers fermenet goji berries pulp directly, whereas others might ferment from the goji juice cold pressed from goji berries. During this process some manufacturers might use some additional stuff such as dates or honey.

Alcohol will be obtained at the end of fermentation. Like grape wine, there will also be "aging process" and "blending process" for better tasting. This type of goji wine can have alcohol content between 13-14%, and inherits the naturally red colour from goji berries. By comparision with dipped goji wine, it is widely believed that fermentated goji wine inherits more nutritional benefits from goji berries.

For dipped goji wine, oridinary people can make it by themselves. For fermented goji wine, there are already quite a few big manufacturers in China. Their products are supplied throughout China and are already exported to other countries.

Enjoy the goji wine!

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