How to enjoy my goji berries

There are a lot of good recipies for eating goji berries. Well, the simpliest way is just to get a handful of goji berries and eat it as it is. It just tastes very sweet. Anyway, it is fruit, so it doesn't do harm if you eat more.

The most common Chinese way is to prepare a herbal tea using goji berries. You simply get 6-10 grams goji berries along with some dried Chrysanthemum flower, and pour in boiling water, leave it for 3 or 4 minutes. Then stir it before drinking this nice tea. It is aromatic and nice tasting tea. But Chinese people don't just drink it for the sake of aroma and nice tasting, but drink it for having good eyes and for treating back and muscle pains.

Of course, Chinese people also add goji berries when boiling soup (such as lamp soup). They think it is especially good for kidney. Moreover, when they cook some dishes, they also add goji berries.

These are their ways of consuming goji berries. But for Western people, the most common way of enjoying goji berries is to add it to your breakfast cereal, just like having rasins with your cereal. It is tasty.

In addition, you can also put it into your yogurt, or museli. Furthermore, one can also prepare your cake or muffins with goji berries. For example, for making a muffin, you can fold in the goji berries and nuts into the flour just as you fold rasins.

Enjoy your goji berries!

More recipies to come...

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