Organic Pea Protein 250g


250g Organic Pea Protein.

Pea Protein is from Peas. It is made from the process of extraction and purification such that the protein is concentrated about 82% in this product. It is easy to digest, rich in essential amino acids. This is a vegetable sourced protein, and is free of milk and egg.

Pea Protein has a very good amino acid profile- it is rich in 'branched chain amino acids' (leucine, isoleucine, valine) and is richer in arginine than any other commercially available protein. Our pea protein is unsweetened. It is ideal ingredients for soups, sprinkled on cereal, mixed into stews or blend into a milkshake.

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Despatch: usually within 24 hours

It is free from of GMO.

Ingredients: Organic Pea Protein

Allergy Advice: It is packed in a room where soy protein, tree nuts, & sesame seeds are also packaged. So, it might contain traces of these 3 allergens.

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