Shilajit Powder

Shilajit is a mineral-rich organic compound that seeps out from between rocks high in the mountains of northeastern India and other parts of Asia during the summer. Also known as asphalt and mineral pitch, the compound comes in shades of copper, gold, silver and black, with the black form being the one most often used in ayurvedic preparations. Much of shilajit consists of decayed plant material.

In Indian Ayurveda, Shilajit has been used historically for general physical strengthening, anti-aging, blood sugar stabilization, libido, injury healing, urinary tract rejuvenation, enhanced brain functioning potency, bone healing, kidney rejuvenation, immune system strengthening, arthritis, hypertension, obesity and many other application for numerous conditions.

Because Shilajit is a compound containing many minerals, there is the potential danger of toxic overload on minerals such as iron, especially if you are taking a daily supplement containing some of the same minerals in Shilajit. Iron overdose can pose serious health dangers such as liver failure, bloody vomit, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, loss of skin color and shock. So it is always recommended to consult your physicians for more info.

Begin by taking 300 mg of Shilajit per day. This may be taken at any time during the day, but it should be taken with water. If your body does well with 300 mg of Shilajit and you do not experience a rash, headache or other reaction, add in an additional 100 mg of Shilajit per day and work up to 500 mg. An average dose of Shilajit is between 300 to 500mg daily.

Cut back on Shilajit if you experience any negative side effects. Increase your water consumption.

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